APOLENA [sea salt]


Transport yourself to a morning walk along Newport Harbor enjoying the crisp sea salt air. 

key notes:  sea salt, sage, ambrette seed

size: 11 oz. 

burn time: 70+ hours

contents: Coconut/vegetable proprietary blend  

Balboa Island is a unique seaside neighborhood in our town. Truly an island, it requires crossing via one tiny flag lined bridge at its entrance. The island streets are all named for precious gemstones, each one evoking a special feeling for those that pass by and have lived there.

I moved into a tiny white house with a marine blue door on Apolena Avenue when I was in a transitional stage in my life. Though it was only for one year, it was an important year of growth and self-reflection for me. I learned to slow down and take stock in the simple pleasures around me...taking walks along the bay, breathing in the smells of the salty air, watching the seals sneak on the boats, gazing at the flags flying in the ocean breeze. The fragrance that APOLENA [sea salt] captures is inspired by the peacefulness of this time in my life and the smell of the sea salt bay.

APOLENA [sea salt]

key notes: sea salt, sage, ambrette seed

Our favorite mild fragrance showcases the beautiful complexities of sea notes. Composed of sea salt, sage, and ambrette seed, it evokes feelings of freedom and pleasure, like an enjoyable walk along Balboa Island on a beautiful summer morning.

COLONY [cassis] 

key notes: cassis, bergamot, musk

Create a welcoming mood with this warm and sophisticated scent that begins with bergamot and cassis, developed over a white rose and musk.  Perfect for a cocktail hour with friends or while relaxing with your favorite book (or social media site:)

GROVE [orange blossom] 

key notes: orange blossom, jasmine, bergamot

Transport yourself to a grove of orange trees, with their tiny white flowers in bloom. This light but strong scent will take you there.

HARRIETS TREE [grapefruit]  

key notes:  grapefruit, peach, berries

A vibrant citrus fragrance that illustrates invigorating notes of tropical fruits, crisp citrus, and exotic greens.  It is light and sweet, while still noticeable in your surrounding space. 

JACK [pumpkin]

key notes: pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla

A sophisticated fall fragrance with top notes of cinnamon and vanilla which intermingle with baked pumpkin, while graham cracker base notes add a creamy, toasty character. An ode to special times together as we begin the holiday season carving pumpkins into Jack-o'-lanterns.

LIDO [sandalwood]

key notes: sandalwood, musk, violet

This bestselling scent is warm and comforting, highlighting its creamy facets while balancing the sharpness of sandalwood paired with sweet violet and woodsy musk. Perfect for any occasion and any time of year.


key notes: amber, sage, oakmoss

This captivating fragrance begins with hints of citrus and an infusion of sage that enhance the natural, earthy quality. Lavender adds a soft floral and herbal touch to the heart of this scent, while amber and oakmoss round out the base for a beautiful, deep character.

MARGARET [currant] 

key notes: currant, musk, rhubarb

A sophisticated and playfully sweet scent with aspects of pink currant and rhubarb over a heart of white jasmine petals and musky base.  A wonderful balance of notes will light up the room for any occasion.

MR. DOUGLAS [pine]

key notes: pine, cedarwood, fir 

Our popular pine scented candle that makes you think “Christmas time”, with mild citrus top notes, earthy undercurrents of cedar and evergreen, and a woody, fir base. But for some, the scent of pine is a year-round fav, like taking a hike on your favorite pine tree lined trail.

PETALUMA [berry] 

key notes: berry, pink peppercorn, rose petals

The tangy richness of freshly picked blackcurrant berries and lively accents of flowery rose petals create this light, floral, and feminine scent.

How to burn the backhouse:

+ Burn candle within sight and on a flat surface

+ Keep away from pets, little ones & combustibles

+ Burn on a heat resistant surface

+ Before relighting, trim wick 1/4" and remove loose pieces

+ Stop burning when only 1/4” of wax remains

+ Don’t burn for more than 4 hours at a time. It will be tough, but trust us on this one.  

+ Enjoy! And show us the spaces you love by tagging #burnthebackhouse on social media.

We use a proprietary blended soy/vegetable wax, phthalate-free premium fragrance oil, and lead-free wick.


We only ship within the United States.All orders are processed and shipped from our backhouse in Newport Beach within 2–4 business days. Once shipped, continental domestic orders may take 2–4 days to arrive, dependent on location.  Alaska and Hawaii may take a bit longer.Backhouse prefers UPS ground shipping (estimated 1–4 days) but might use Fedex Ground/2-day or USPS in some instances. 


We will gladly accept returns/exchanges on any items that are in their original condition along with all packaging. Please email us at hello@backhousefragrances.com with your request for return and we’ll issue a Return Authorization Form with a Return Authorization Number (RA#), along with instructions for returning your candle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Gina Haywood

Love these candles - such a fresh scent and not overpowering. They ship out quickly too!

Loryn P
Perfect for Spring/Summer

I do love any candle with sea salt and this candle is no exception. It’s clean and fresh smelling and a great transition candle in-between seasons. It does have minimal throw so I do burn it in my bedroom vs a larger area.

Beautiful scent!

This candle, scent as well as the packaging are special! Great mood vibe anywhere in the house or at your desk!

Carol Crane
My Go To Gift

Those are my most favorite candles! Excellent quality and design into one product. A BIG fan!

Annie Stawicki
My Favorite!

Apolena is my favorite of all the great Backhouse candles. It’s my go-to at home and is like a my favorite throw in candle form—warm, cozy, welcoming and never too much. I like to keep extras for gifts for my friends, but I often burning them myself.

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