A morning walk along the harbor enjoying the crisp sea salt air. 

Key notes:  sea salt, sage, ambrette seed

Size: 11 oz. 

Burn time: 70+ hours

Contents: Coconut/vegetable proprietary blend  

Balboa Island is a unique seaside neighborhood in our town. Truly an island, it requires crossing via one tiny flag lined bridge at its entrance. The island streets are all named for precious gemstones, each one evoking a special feeling for those that pass by and have lived there.

I moved into a tiny white house with a marine blue door on Apolena Avenue when I was in a transitional stage in my life. Though it was only for one year, it was an important year of growth and self-reflection for me. I learned to slow down and take stock in the simple pleasures around me...taking walks along the bay, breathing in the smells of the salty air, watching the seals sneak on the boats, gazing at the flags flying in the ocean breeze. The fragrance that APOLENA captures is inspired by the peacefulness of this time in my life and the smell of the sea salt bay.

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