Let the rich smells of currant create a beautiful space.

Key Notes: currant, musk, rhubarb

Size: 11 oz. 

Burn Time: 70+ hours

Contents: Coconut/vegetable proprietary blend

Margaret is a name representative of new beginnings. My husband and I had found young love in high school but we lost touch over time. We reconnected many years later and I will always remember the rich scent of currant that he would burn in his bachelor pad in Corona del mar. Enjoying the exciting twists and turns of life, we married, moved to Margaret Drive with my three children and we began our life together as a blended family. My fourth child came along and Margaret Drive will never be the same!

In honor of what we had, what we lost and what we found again, we burn MARGARET’s meaningful fragrance of currant in our home, with a bit of nostalgia, as we create new family memories.

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